15% increased deals
130% larger deals
2.5X selling value
Multiple C-Suite engaged

“If you use ABM, social listening and intent for your demand gen, then having value-based executive-based C-Suite grade messaging and content is a must. Working with Revenue Accelerators is the best decision you can make”

John Seaner, CMO

1010Dataa New York software company, is the one the worlds foremost companies consider as their partner of choice for optimizing product portfolio health, mastering customer touchpoints, and digitally renovating operations.


1010Data is the leader in its field, with over 850 of the world’s largest consumer brands in retail, financial services, and others. Having recently been acquired for $500M, they were in a strategic position to drive rapid growth within the Fortune 500. This included expanding the Sales and Marketing teams, where a key issue was to shorten the time needed for their new hires, and existing Enterprise sales team, to be able to sell up the chain for faster and larger deal flow. With the time and complexity of selling into these accounts, they turned to Revenue Accelerators to open doors and increase engagement faster.


In 2018, 1010data embarked on a significant marketing and ABM initiative to help support their sales and pipeline expansion. Resources were available but not finite, and the target list of desired Enterprise accounts contained the biggest names in the CPG industry. They needed a more efficient way to message and engage while selling to senior executives, decision makers, up to the C-Suite. Marketing installed an industry-leading ABM stack, along with sales intelligence and insights tools, but they needed to campaign and sell to senior executives with a powerful differentiator.  

Sales did have Lead Development Rep (LDR) support, however, the Sales, Marketing, and LDR team were not unified on selling with executive business value


John Seaner, the CMO, agreed to participate in their first business outcomes workshop. Working with Revenue Accelerators, they were able to define the stakeholders, their reasons to buy, the desired business outcomes that would expect, and most importantly, determine the business value narrative that 1010Data would be able to deliver to the stakeholders.

Industry benchmarks and proprietary algorithms were applied to validate 1010Data’s use case(s) business value. Then, the 10-K analysis of the target public companies was performed by Revenue Accelerators to reveal the corporate and strategic initiatives. Combining this data with workshop results enabled the delivery of the C-Suite grade SPEEDSHEETS, which were overnighted directly to each of the key stakeholders.


“Revenue Accelerators enabled us to use coveted value engineering principals for accelerating demand activation initiatives and empowering our sales team to have client discussions around the “metrics that matter” much earlier in the sales cycle”, said Seaner. “We now have a 40% improvement in senior executive engagement,  an accelerated pipeline, and our ABM is on steroids.” 


Over the course of a couple of months, they overnighted the custom business outcome narratives to a host of SVPs, EVP, Heads of Brand, and several C-Suite targets across many accounts. Sales included their improved value propositions. They were able to secure several calls with executive leadership, who engaged and asked them to work with their teams on the use of a 1010data platform. The door was left open to the decision makers, and updated business outcome narratives were later sent to drive opportunities forward and establish 1010data as a value-based, trusted advisor.