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C-level Partnering vs. Selling

Selling senior executives is not what you belive are thier issues. They want a strategic thought leader, someone with a fresh perpective. not a Sales Rep. They expect nothing less. Whether software, technology or services, the Sales Rep needs a Business Case to prove the merit and strategic fit of their solution. Specifically, selling measurable value, time to value, and risk reduction.

Using a Center of Excellence (COE) process, we build, and help clients assemble the necessary tools to access and align with Sr. decision makers; essential when selling complex technologies.

This consultative-based methodology, combined with Challenger style selling, helps Reps map and align to executive pain helping to assure their solution's acceptance..

We help Reps align their solution to the specific pains of the Decision maker and their Business unit. Revenue Accelerators builds the tools and trains Reps to sell $50K - $1M+ solutions.

Our tool deliveries enhances all leading selling methods, and may be imported into your CRM.

Reps require NO financial skills, leaving the relationship building intact as the Business cases becomes a simple optimization layer.



" IT salespeople constantly struggle when  asked to prove specific solution value. Whether mentoring a CEO, or teams,  their passion in using value to support business cases helps access Sr. executives and sell larger deals".

Michael Minelli, Michael Barlow

Co-Author, Partnering with the CIO


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