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Enterprise Prospecting Services

Over the last several months, clients, prospects, even competitors, have asked if we had a service that could deliver high-level cold calling for leads or appointments, within the SMB or Fortune 500.

Beyond Telemarketing or call centers, only boutiques service IT Vendors. They extract product and competitive positioning, build scripts, and use 4-6 month campaigns to access VP's to CXO's. Typically charging $7-$8,000 month, they lack callers with Sr. executive, IT, or financial selling acumen.

The Revenue Accelerators Lead Alternative

By speaking 60 different IT solutions, and having sold 825 Enterprise VP to CXO's, we are able to use a Rapid Assessment - Rapid Deployment model; that is 50-60% faster, 70% more competent, and 75% less cost than a boutique.

Engagement Process  


1) (2) Hour Discovery builds value

    baselines, customer value references,

    solution differentiation, tied to Sr.

    Decision maker pain.

Value propositions and cold call positioning, gatekeeper push.

2) Re-align / build value statements into

   financially compelling, strategic,

   executive messaging.

Multiple touches built around targeted VP - CXO pain.

3) Accept up to 20 accounts, analyze the

    competition, solution cost, and business

    impact, matched to target executives.

Email, Phone, Voice mail, FAX; total 10 touches per target.

4) Drive campaigns, track activity in CRM,

    and report weekly.

   » Use Client POP accounts for email.

   » Email addresses supplied.

   » Leads emailed within 4 hours.

   » 7x24 Service on Blackberry. 

Review Web site, target leadership, trigger events, competitive news.


» Hewlett Packard, Acquired: 3 touches. Result: Team of 4, headed by

     VP WW, Sales, to agree to listen to offer.

» Informatica, Acquired: 2 touches. Result: Moved to (2) VP' of Sales

    and Marketing for understanding call.

» Thermo Fischer Scientific, Acquired: 2 touches. Result: Demo, and

     discussion on funding.

» BMW, Acquired: 2 touches, Result: introduction SVP N.A., and meeting.

»  Fatwire, Acquired: 8 touches,Result: Demo with CEO and VP Sales.

» Vignette, Acquired: 1 touche. Result: Investigation, after M&A.

» Application Security, Acquired: 10 touches. Result: Active deal.

Note: please contact us at or call 917.620.2347 to discuss availability. Programs start at $1500 - 2000 month.




» SVP WW Sales

    Hewlett Packard ($15B unit)


» EVP and General Mgr.

    Informatica ($420M)

» VP Global Sales, SID   

    Thermo Fischer Scientific ($9B)


» President, BMW North American

     BMW ($8B)


»  CEO

     Fatwire ($40M)


»  Director Sales

     Vignette ($190M)



     Application Security ($35M)





Entry to Intermediate Sales Tools

Rapid Discovery Workshops

- Business Cases to Sell CXO's

- Top down Selling White Paper


  For more information, just 

  click the image to the left:




Businesses who Sales Reps will not cold call, and need Pipeline, rely on Revenue Accelerators.

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