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Selling Executive Alignment

To succesfully access, and engage with, Sr. Decision makers, it is critcal for your Sales Reps to understand, first the state of the Enterprise, the Decision makers goals, risk threshold, and key financial metrics.

The vast majority, up to 82% of Sales Reps lack the skills to easily and quickly uncover and map Decision Makers Pains.


YOU will be able to outsell YOUR competitors accessing and aligning to this incresaing your closing rates and margins!

YOU use tools that optimize selling Decision Makes by overlaying your company's UNIQUE VALUE. This is very repeatable and built to sell Small, Mid-size and Enterprise accounts.

YOUR results will be 12 - 18% increased meeting rates with Sr. decision makers; and a 22% improvement in closings.


Our services are guaranteed and will self-fund!




"Revenue Accelerators hits the mark with the Fortune 1000 by focusing foremost on value, and matching it to customer centric, consultative sales approaches tied to decision makers." 


John Trush, Partner, IBM Business Consulting Services


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Business Case Selling

-deployed by Fortune 100 Enterprises


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Copyright © 2009 RAC INC. All Rights Reserved. Contact Us • New York (631) 418-5038