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Client Successes




COMMVAULT is a software and service company focused exclusively on data management, to lower costs, and reduce risk by using a single, unified architecture.

"Revenue Accelerators's method for capturing ROI/TCO and creating tools for sales teams reach all the way to the CxO, and are some of the best I've seen in the industry. Their methods makes it fast and easy for sales teams to expand opportunities, and for customers to understand the value of the technology solutions they offer. They demonstrate a unique understanding of how CIO's think which is invaluable in sales training, and key account planning. If your objective is to lay the essential foundation for growing an effective  enterprise sales organization, then they are someone that you need to have on your team".


  - Kelly Polanski, Dir. Marketing, (EMC, VP Product Marketing; Legato, VP Marketing).




ENVIROGUARD is the US premier compliance and environmental solution firm serving the Fortune 100 via an extensive OEM and Distributor channel.

"Wanting to move our company into a higher performance engine, and analyzing the market for consultative sales coaching, we went with Revenue Accelerators. It was an excellent choice. The first 30 days they analyzed our sales, marketing, and management; assessed our people, held a National Sales kickoff, provided training, new weekly pipelines, commission and territory structure, marketing innovations, and steady advice on how to use value to up sell our channels. Next 60 days saw an optimized Inside Sales dept., coaching literally all employees, and morale is up 25% as they acts as our CRO. Knowing would take 3-6 months we are still 50% ahead of schedule. We anticipate a 10-12% improvement in the top line and a 30% expense recovery, poised for a strong 09 even in a recession. I highly recommend them as a proven resource, and one who claims 7x24, and truly is".

    - Doug Frazier, CEO




6thSenseAnalytics is the first and only automated metrics solution created specifically for the software development and outsource business; scalable to very large teams.

"Building a start-up with advanced technology, Tier 1 customers, and limited resources is tough. Having only a few sales people adds to it. That's why we evaluated and chose Revenue Accelerators. They quickly assessed our company and platform, advised the CEO and CTO on what was needed, crafted customized value propositions and Top down tools that resonated with power, then went to work. Sitting side by side our people, or on the phone at all hours, we saw our pipeline grow 20%+ and our entry to major accounts improve. Their ability to craft reps into consultative machines, boost moral, and be a high-end sales resource on a 7x24 basis, makes them in a class by himself. I would recommend him as a provider, and as a friend".

    - Gregory P. Burnell, Chairman & CEO


Access Innovations provides innovative content management from workflow design to full implementation; expert in Taxonomy and Indexing; providing services and software.

"Revenue Accelerators is helping Access Innovations drive revenues, shorten closing cycles, and quantifying value for our customers. They are re-engineering how we do business and making all of us more revenue-based and accountable; all without adding to the existing budget. Using a Top down approach, we're on our way to doubling revenues thanks to them."

    - Jay Ven Eman, CEO  


THE RESPONSE GROUP (Oridian) specializes in performance-based marketing and lead generation services using innovative performance, brand and technology solutions.

"Revenue Accelerators provided us with a 25% boost in sales efficiency and performance within the first two weeks. Their in-depth sales experience and clear structural methods which aligned the sales teams focus and skills, improved our sales quality and ability to close. Their methods and experience will sharpen the abilities of any sales team."

     - Robert S.K. Regular, CEO




APPLICATION SECURITY significantly tightens overall security and reduces risk for Enterprise database applications and information infrastructures.

"Our 100 person software company has been working with Revenue Accelerators team to improve our selling team’s effectiveness. After very quickly base lining our selling abilities, they created a targeted program addressing the strengths and weaknesses of our Field, Inside, and Lead Generation Representatives. Our regional teams have improved their productivity, sales cycles have shortened 15-20%, and deals have gotten bigger as we’ve moved up the value chain. Top down selling in no longer a mystery. The ROI / Value Estimation tool is an invaluable adjunct to the process. I expect our results will continue to improve. They are a solid resource to any technology company looking to do a better job consultative selling".

    - Jack Hembrough, Chairman / Founder




BLACKFOOT specializes in multi-channel campaign analysis and intelligence enabling agencies, marketers, and publishers to integrate disparate data sources.

“Revenue Accelerators very quickly learned our business and market then built practical tools individually taught to our sales force and Sr. management using live prospects. They stressed value and measurement, transforming our young team overnight into a consultative sales force, and with their help, engaged with many top Fortune eRETAILERS at very Sr. levels. Their help in forecasting, strategy, and speaking to clients was very helpful to our young company. In the end, we saw a 60% improvement in pipeline, and a 30% lift in deal flow”.   

    - Martin Wesley, Founder and CEO (key investor Founder Skype)



Vision Software provides financial analysis software to improve productivity of Commercial Lending Officers, Credit Managers, and Financial Advisors.

"Our experience with Revenue Accelerators was!  We had been struggling with improving our sales process for over a year.  They helped our sales reps focus their presentation on value and ROI rather than product features.  We also identified true prospects and got key players involved earlier in the sales cycle. Our pipeline is now more solid and predictable. This is a culture change and we're still making improvements, but we're finally on the right track!"

    -  Barry F. Brinson, Jr. , President and Co-founder


FalconStor Software is the innovative leader in network storage software solutions for enterprises and SMBs; and leads the way in developing innovative, large-scale network storage software designed to optimize the storage, protection, and availability of enterprise data.

    - Wendy Petty, Vice President of North American Sales



INDUSTRYBRAIINS is the only performance-advertising company using keyword search and relevant contextual editorial targeting on premium branded sites for superior results.

“Being part of a public company, we wanted a sales mentor that knew our industry and what it takes to help sales teams sell more advertising at a faster rate. Revenue Accelerators literally took no time to fully understand our business, and not only provided excellent sales coaching, but was invaluable in helping our management as well. The tools are great, as is their ability to motivate our team. We’re seeing a 50% improvement in cold call responses and a 30% improvement in accessing Sr. decision makers”.  

    - Tom Koletas, Vice President of Sales; now VP Sales, Imaginova, Corp. 


24/7 REAL MEDIA delivers a platform to target, track and analyze advertising campaigns and sales analytics for Web sites, behavioral targeting, and full service SEM programs.
"Revenue Accelerators excelled at understanding our business model and applying proven door opening techniques to increase the number of opportunities quickly and efficiently."

    - John Piccone, Vice President of Sales, US Search



RICHFX leaders in the rich media image space, for major catalog and retail companies.

"Revenue Accelerators are one of those consultants who favor the no-nonsense, matter-of-fact approach over a logorrhea of sales jargon. If you need consultantese, they are not your best choice. Remember your ski lessons? That's how they proceed. After spending time with you to make a diagnostic and build a plan of attack, they rolls up their sleeves, teaches a point, shows how it's done and then coaches the sales folks. And then does it again.

    -  Christophe Cremault, VP of Marketing (prior)



RIGHTANSWERS delivers self-service and support knowledge solutions by providing software, pre-packaged content, and an unmatched client success approach.

"In my role as EVP-Marketing for RightAnswers we needed to bring in a sales expert to coach our sales team on executive level sales techniques that work. Revenue Accelerators fit the bill perfectly. His program was very highly rated by our sales team and, unlike many consultants, he left us with actionable tools. I can highly recommend Revenue Accelerators".

     - Kimball Norup, EVP of Marketing



IBS-US helps global companies meet complex compliance by providing integrated software technology to create a “Culture of Compliance”™ .

"In our drive to enable our Sales team to be fully armed for our direction of value based selling Revenue Accelerators and ROI4Sales was instrumental to establish the key tool for the team and efficiently train everybody on it! Their direct approach and experience made the training a great success and insured the use of our financial tool".

   - Matthias Grossmann, CEO IBS America, Inc.   


INNOVATIVE INTERACTIVE helps online marketers with: Search Engine Marketing (360i), Search Mang. (Search Ignite), Contextual, and portfolio of Direct Navig. domains.
"Great job overall.  It was motivating for the guys which is something sales people always need. The strategy and positioning portion that I sat in on is something of real value that we are using".   

    - Anthony Martinelli, Vice President of Advertising Sales



INVISION is an eBusiness Service Provider helping mid-to-large sized organizations more effectively use application development and managed network services.

"Revenue Accelerators combined a solid understanding of IT with a willingness to take the time to learn what we do at Invision, enabling them to speak directly of our business goals and challenges. We saw room for improvement in all areas of our sales process, but starting at the beginning with prospecting techniques was a logical way to sample their services. In just a few hours, they taught us some unique methods which improved our cold calling success rate by more than 25% in the first week. We are looking forward to more productive sessions in the months ahead".

     - Tyler Roye, Chief Executive Officer



Sendtraffic, part of Traffix, Interactive Marketing firm (Search) aimed at building an online presence, optimizing marketing expenditures and retaining online customers.

"Great! They were great!  They provided my team with the guidance and hands-on follow up expected of such true professionals.  They constantly put money where his mouth was and was in the sales trenches with my team ensuring success.  Thanks again for a job well done!"

    - Steve Jacoby, President, SendTraffic, division of Atrinsic, Inc.



BEYONDROI is as a leading provider of search marketing services and proprietary search marketing technology that boosts sales, lowers costs and increases companies’ ROI.

"Revenue Accelerators has had an immediate impact on our bottom line. Rapidly learning our business, they applied their years of sales management expertise to enhance our entire sales channel. Coaching the team, of inside sales reps and business development consultants, they helped them identify many more prospects, close deals, and raise morale. With this newly created sales engine, they has increased our new deal flow by 30%. Our company has now focused on multiplying this success through their recruiting, hiring and training more winners. Any company that sells a product and/or service should seriously consider bringing them into the mix. It will be one of their best moves.

   - Richard J. Pollack, Founder and CEO        





WGSN is the leading global service providing online research, trend analysis and news to the fashion, design and style industries.

"As a past and present client of Revenue Accelerators, I can, without reservation, strongly endorse the value of what he offers in the areas of strategic communication, coaching, and consultation. WGSN has realized direct benefit from their input in the areas of phone work, re-titling, and overcoming the bane of sales reluctance. If the opportunity to work with them presents itself, don't let it slip by. Please feel free to contact me directly for input".

   - Larry Nipon, President Americas 



HITWISE is online measurement, providing competitive intelligence for 1000 firms across 6 markets; monitoring more than 25 Million home, work and educational Internet users.

“Revenue Accelerators quickly understood our business model, brought third-party industry knowledge, and crafted ways to sell to senior decision makers in an insightful and unique way, assisting our sales force in top-down selling, accessing decision makers, and selling our value in a more compelling fashion. He assisted us in our national Sales meeting driving value"   


    - Robert Schatzel, Vice President, US Business Development



ELITE TECHNICAL is a national recruiting firm specializing in the placement of information technology, networking and Aerospace & Defense experts for Fortune 200.

"In 30 days, you learned my business, sized up my staff, reached out to clients, created tools, and got our sales people prospecting. Our team's morale is much higher thanks to your coaching and confidence building. The feedback you received from clients has helped shape our new strategy and we are now 40% more effective with our new "Sales Engine". Your unique prospecting and strong grasp of technology makes your service incredibly valuable to any organization struggling to grow". 

    - Joe Monaco, Founder and Chief Operations Officer



LMS TECHNICAL SERVICES is the Long Island/Metro leader providing networking and IT- networking resources and outsourcing services that supports small companies.

"For nearly 25 years I only saw my business through my own eyes. In less than a week's time, They showed me it through the eyes of the thousands of customers I have serviced! The following month our re-engineering began...we are now 30% more effective on billing".  

    - Larry Shulman, President and CEO



INTELLIDYN boosts marketing performance using expansive national data sources, sophisticated information integration, and seasoned expertise in marketing, risk and multi-channel optimization.

"By working with Revenue Accelerators, we have become more sales-driven; introducing the value that makes our products deliver customer satisfaction, and have boosted our deal closure rates by over 20%".  

    - Brian J. Balzarini, Chief Financial Officer



MANAGED SYSTEMS provides complete computing environments for small businesses, supporting uniform hardware, and running entire infrastructures and networks.

"Revenue Accelerators is what the name says. It was the first day, and they had learned, and then improved our business model. We immediately started to deploy his innovative prospecting and sales methods. Our appointment ratio increased by 25% and the practical scripts and instruction were put into place by our sales people the first week. Additionally, they built our first formal sales process manual, hired a sales rep the second week, held weekly sales meetings, initiated a direct mail campaign, and now an advertising program. It is like having three people in one. We expect revenues to be improved 30-35%. If you sell any form of technology product or service, I highly recommend having them join your company team.

    - George M. Kaltner, Founder and CEO (former)


2M TECHNOLOGIES develops proprietary and full-suite commercial software for accounting, CRM, financial and operations needs, and customer service applications.

"By working with Revenue Accelerators we have become more customer-centric, introducing the value that makes our prospects more profitable; and have boosted our prospecting results by over 50%". 

    - Jim Mandler, CEO



FISSION SOFTWARE INC. is a leader with the Fission® Broadcast Automation System; a solution designed to fully automate cable and TV broadcast operations.

"With deep expertise in software, hardware and integration, Revenue Accelerators quickly learned our space, then delivered on his promises. Our deal pipeline increased by 20% while actually lowering our cost of sales by 10%. He was an excellent asset to advising myself and my board on our go-to-market strategies as well". 

    - John Carapella , CEO




MEDIASERV helps large corporations extend the value of eBusiness services with Web services and feature-rich business applications.

"RAC enabled our company to think more like a sales engine. The impact was a foray into a new IT training market acquiring Lehman Brothers as a client with a $100,000 order and helping to grow revenues significantly".

    - Vish Canaran, President Founder ( CEO)

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