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Business Cases Sell the C Suite                       


We help Vendors align financially with CXO's for greater project funding. Using Business Cases we empower Sales Reps to be comfortable using financial, operational, and risk analysis value for Executive decisions.

We then help Reps deliver compelling reasons why a buy is strategic and why now. Whether latent or in RFP, over 280 Cases in 19 markets help drive 80% internal funding plus 15% greater deal conversions by aligning to your Prospect's buying and funding cycles:



This methodology is universal among ANY type of Solution Sales across U.S. and Global markets.

    •   Optimizes all forms of Sales training (SPI Solution Selling™, Miller Heiman™, Sandler™....).

    •   Ideal for SaaS Applications, B2B and Content / Security Applications

Guaranteed success - Clients want results and immediately. If implemented and we do NOT drive a 10% reduction in sales cycles & 10% in win rates within 6 months, you are fully refunded.  Client proof is below.




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