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Accessing and Aligning with Senior Executives Papers


Prospecting & Selling into the Enterprise

Hunters are a different breed

Hunters are a Different Breed.


The New Consultative Selling


Selling for a Startup



Account Management - The Art of the Upsell

Connect with Prospects Using a Systematic Process

Creating Urgency in Your Deals

Difficulty Selling Software to Sr. Executives and What Vendor CEOs Can Do

Does Your Technology Sales Compensation Support the CEO's Strategy

How to Eliminate Objections

How to Sell Without Sounding Like a Sales Person

How VP's of Sales Can Boost Prospecting

Teach Your Sales People to Prospect with the Buyer in Mind

The Value in Building Value

Top Down Selling Executive Brief


Sales 2.0 Articles - articles posted on

-  How to Sell without Actually Sounding Like a Salesperson


Selling Online Advertising - articles posted on

-  AD Sales People Wake Up!

-  Three Principals for Phone Prospecting

-  Sign the I/O!


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Business Case Guide helps sales establish business value in vendor's proposal's; neutrally, and use it access Sr. executives without any a financial experience.

Marty J. Schmidt, Solution Matrix

Getting Your Budget Approved illustrates how "soft benefits" can be quantified ($). Stepwise, it helps measure intangible benefits and uses customer satisfaction as a practical example. 

Johanner Ritter & Frank Rottgers, Solution Matrix


...80 years of research (46,000 reps) shows "drive" is the most critical trait for sales success...

Richard Abraham, author

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