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Mapping Solutions to the CXO

REVENUE ACCELERATORS incorporates its value-based training and consulting with the world's foremast authority on Business Cases. These cases optimze our tools stes with emotionalk and financially sound soutions.

Togther, this represnts the most compelling manner to access and engage with the CEO, CFO, CIO, CRO and CMO. Our tools help reveal executive Financial and Operational gaps enabling Reps to sell financially into critical issues.

STEP 1 IDENTIFY the course of action by acting now, or incurring the cost of delay.

STEP 2 MAP THE DECISION - opportunities need to be mapped to business pains and solution.

STEP 3 CALCULATE THE RISK AND PROBALITIES - this is done with calculated simulations.

STEP 4 AUTO BUILD THE FINANCIALS - including the ROI, NPV, Cash Flow and others.





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Selling Proposals to CXOs using Executive Business Cases -

This helps Vendor sales teams open doors, and align their proposal's value to C-Level, for more realistic deal forecasting and closure.


Getting Your Budget Approved

This process helps vendors support internal champions in a true collaboration process, so the customer can build the funding case for the vendor's solution.


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