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SPEEDSHEETS – ONLY Value Narrative that opens doors into U.S, Canadian, EMEA & Private Companies!

Edward Golod, CEO & Founder

About Us

In the past decade, Revenue Accelerators has developed and perfected grabbing the attention of C-Suite with the numbers that matter most. Our service was inspired while working with top technology leaders. At Eloqua, who sold thousands of CMOs and CROs, we managed their largest and most complex accounts at the C-level.

This helped us engineer the first Business Value Framework — an easy to use and understand business outcome service that every sales rep or marketer could use. We removed the friction — where cumbersome and complex account research inhibits garnering “actionable insights.”

Our business value narratives are personalized, differentiated and quickly establish credibility in noisy markets.  They’re the only bi-directional exchange of value between vendors and new accounts at the “FRONT” of the sale.

Reps acquire business acumen and confidence to obtain meetings with senior executives. This fuels the account planning process and strengthens ABM.

We’re the ONLY provider to close this “value engineering gap” left behind with all sales training & research vendors, including the Challenger™ Sale, Value Selling™, Corporate Visions™, Richardson™, Miller Heiman™, SPI Performance International™, and others.

  • Penetrate new accounts faster from the top-down.

  • Engage Sr. executives faster with “business outcome” selling.

  • Sr. Exec meetings increase 35%, second meetings 50%, opportunities 20%.

Our Culture

We are built like a navy seal style team. Our 20+ years of driving business outcome sales are supported by a team of CEO,s CROs, CMOs, CIOs, and CPAs, MBAs and advanced software and technology experts.  Having sold and implemented $385M of leading vendor technologies and identifying $11.7B in vendor business value enables us to rapidly understand your business, your account’s challenges, and turn it all into new logos and incremental revenue.

We Support the Sales Enablement Society