“We not only have the skills and learning to solve our client’s most pressing revenue acceleration issues, but we also help them think through new scenarios for a huge competitive advantage.”

– Edward Golod, CEO & Founder


3x more financial buyer meetings – 2.5x more predictable sales results – 12x return on investment

15% more new accounts — 25% more reps on quota — 3.5x more rep selling time

SPEED SHEETSPP are the value foundation for all stages of any Enterprise sales process

STEP 1 – Prospect Account: Actionable Financial Insights
Corporate & strategic initiatives identified & aligned to Vendor solutions improving new sales opportunity and win rates.

  • Identifies Initiatives from 10K-10Q, Shareholder & earnings reports.
  • Attracts, expands access; creates value messaging & discovery.
  • Builds shared vision illustrating how you and client realize value.
  • 35% more decision maker & C-suite engagement, 12% faster deals.

STEP 2 – Vendor: Value Alignment Matrix
On-site or Webex Workshop extracts & monetizes your solution into quantifiable business outcomes.

  • Proprietary articulation of product, solution & technology value.
  • Complies with U.S. & Emea accounting standards (FASB, GAAP, IFRS).
  • Benchmarked for financial buyer credibility.
  • Optimizes account plans, QBRs, demos, POCs & proposals.

STEP 3 – Personalized Business Case
Steps 1 & 2 combined deliver account-specific, vendor value-aligned, business cases.

  • Value hypothesis communicates financial costs, benefits & risk.
  • Aligns account & vendor in shared, quantifiable value.
  • Accelerates internal buy-in; sales training on business value.
  • 15% greater sales effectiveness, more new accounts.

Automation – Value Messaging Control Center
Send personalized, account-specific & persona-based business outcome messaging to decision makers.

  • Improves top down: AE, LDR, BDR, Inside Sales & Channel selling.
  • ABM on steroids with 1:1 executive messaging.
  • Value messaging scored to improve effectiveness.
  • NO learning curve, NO integration, LOWEST cost model.

“When it comes to building trust in executive relationships, having Sales solve financial problems and articulate and align their solution’s value to them, is key. Revenue Accelerators is the first to do this, getting reps up to speed financially, successfully selling top down, and improving pipelines.”

— Paul Teshima, CEO & Co-Founder, Nudge (former Group VP Oracle, SVP Eloqua)