How Financially Literate Reps Sell 3X More

Sales reps are the face-to-face employees of the company—the ones going out and forging new relationships for business.

They work tirelessly with their interpersonal skills so they can build strong connections for new sales—why should they care about financial literacy? To sales, finance would seem like a foreign language, but it’s the language of the C-level executives who make the decisions—the decision makers who your salespeople need to meet with. If you’re a serious salesperson and you want to get meetings with the C-level executives—you better be able to speak the language when you get in front of them.

What’s holding sales reps back from becoming financially literate?

It is a time-consuming task—there is a large volume of concepts to know before you can understand a company’s finances. Most employees in sales will not take the time to learn the language—they will instead rely on what has gotten them this far—their relationship building skills. But think about it—how many people in your organization can truly explain the financials of the company? Most likely less than five percent of the employees. Becoming financially literate can lead to a whole new series of positive outcomes and unlock certain increasing values.

Financial Education to sell Business Executives

How can it help your sales team get more meetings with top-level executives?

All salespeople know how to speak the language of their product and services—but in our experience, this will only get you meetings with lower level employees in your target organization. Imagine being able to know the ins-and-outs of the organization’s financial statements and the ability to have a serious discussion about it with the executives. This would give your sales force the competitive advantage they need over rival sellers.

If your salespeople can get in at the higher levels—you’ve just tipped the playing field in your favor. When you can call at the highest levels of a company for sales—it has shown to decrease your competition by as much as 75 percent. In addition, being able to call on the higher-level executives virtually eliminates your reason for discounting your product—the pressure from your competitors.

How can it help when making a sales presentation?

When you can show high-level executives that you understand their business, what drives their profitability and how you can improve it—they will invite you back again and again. You must be able to explain how much you have improved their profitability in the past and how you will keep improving their profitability. At this point, you are not seen as another vendor trying to sell your product, but rather a strategic partner who executives can rely on. If you can do this, industry data shows you can sell 3X or 300% better than your competitors.

If your customer views you as a profit improvement strategist, your competition will have no chance of getting the deal. You are the one helping write the RFP, while your competitors are the ones fighting to be included in the RFP.

Don’t have the time to learn the financial language? Want to connect more with high-level executives and include powerful financials in your sales presentation? SPEEDSHEETS from Revenue Accelerators give you those tools—with the ability to break down a company’s financial reports, SPEEDSHEETS will provide you with the most powerful financial data for your sale. SPEEDSHEETS gives you actual business cases that can prove to the C-level executives that you are a strategic partner.

SPEEDSHEETS – easiest and fastest way to access and sell C-Suite

Revenue Accelerators and SPEEDSHEETS are the ONLY B2B account-based sales intelligence tool that quantifies vendor value and aligns it financially with each target account to enable sales reps to access and meet with coveted C-Suite. SPEEDSHEETS are personalized, financial business cases and points of view for the front-end of any sales cycle. We transform Product to Value selling overnight for faster and greater pipelines.

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