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Selling CIO/CTOs in Travel Services Firms

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Getting to Decision Makers

Travel Services Company

TARGET ACCOUNT PAIN A global Travel Services company, with growing M&A activity, acquired several new customer databases requiring integration and protection. With internal and external pressures from expanded social media programs, PCI standards and data relationship complexity, the […]

The Key Traits that Separate CEOs from other Senior Executives

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There are two traits that stand out when it comes to the “essence” of the CEO personality: an ability to embrace appropriate risks and a bias toward acting and capitalizing on opportunities. In other words, a CEO is significantly less cautious and more likely to take action when compared to other senior executives.

Building Teams Who Can Sell at Your Startup

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A hot topic among start-up CEO’s and business leaders, when moving into accelerated, let alone, hyper-growth, is how to hire the right type of sales person. Whether during, or in anticipation of a round, they will ask their Head of Sales, HR, Ops, and Marketing…. “Can these Reps produce in our environment”?

Time is the critical factor in sales

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When I think of all the sales training I have had, or have learned about, most, to all, have been effective and well worth the effort. Yet, few to none, have focused on time. Time from the perspective of having more of it for selling, thinking about strategies, doing more research, analyzing my pipeline, and the list goes on and on.

Hunters will eat immediately what they kill

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For decades, selling was typified by having Reps cold call to open an account. They were typically individuals with a direct demeanor, and many times more aggressive than need be. The definition of their behavior was not as a “hunter”, more so, just a successful sales rep.

The new consultative selling

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Over the last several years, there has been a quiet explosion of numerous new technology companies being born, from SF downstream to NYC. Especially with the advent of SaaS technologies, many of these firms are quickly funding, and entering their respective markets, at an alarming rate.

Prof, Scientific & Tech – Why Small Professional, Scientific &Technical Firms Lose 10% of Sales.

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Analysis and sampling conducted by SDM over a 3-year period revealed that “less than ½ of one percent” of these firms undertook professional-grade sales performance or in simpler terms – “how do we sell more when we are NOT salespeople