Selling Into Financial Services


–  Sell business outcomes to engage C-Suite

–  Align solutions financially & strategically

–  Prove alignment with 10-K & 10Qs

–  30% more Senior Executive meetings


A leading Financial Services company was required to comply with growing internal auditing policies. They were struggling with finding a way to cost-effectively and efficiently audit user database access to highly sensitive customer data; as well as to monitor privileged database user activities.


A Compliance Solution software vendor (SaaS) needed a way to more quickly entice and engage with the C-Suite on this account to accelerate a new opportunity and outflank their larger, more resourceful competitors. They needed to sell to the top to open opportunities within the quarter. By using SPEEDSHEETS they were able to quickly determine the “financial value” of their solution and align it financially into the account’s compliance issue.

Prospecting with their Lead Development Reps (LDR’s) and Account Executives bow having a unified executive set of value messages; they got a call with the office of the CFO, which introduced them to the SVP of Compliance.


Over 2 consecutive meetings and a WebEx, they presented a Business Outcome Narrative that highlighted a $29M in projected value from Risk Avoidance. They were invited in to discover the problem further, and align the value to the account’s specific initiatives.

Leading to an eight (8) month opportunity, they closed the deal. The Financial Services firm can now automatically monitor all database access and activity; while streamlining the auditing and reporting process.

This led to a 14% reduction in audit preparation costs valued at $3.4M for the first year. The vendor closed a $1.25M 3-year SaaS deal and was moved to a trusted status being invited to join the internal Compliance council.

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