Selling to Healthcare


A Healthcare Provider struggling to comply with security policies that were recently implemented in response to a theft of intellectual property; was looking for a way to identify, in R/T any unauthorized attempts by insiders and contractors to access employee-sensitive and confidential data.


A Security Software company (SaaS) needed a way to entice and engage with the C-Suite to accelerate a new opportunity and outflank their larger, more resourceful competitors. Using SPEEDSHEETS PP they instantly determined the “financial value” of their Solutions. Then using ABM and C-Suite grade messaging they secured a meeting with the Chief Security Officer (CSO) who introduced them to the SVP of Security.

In the first meeting, they presented a Value Hypothesis from the SPEEDSHEETSPP delivering $26.4M in projected value from significant cost takeout’s over three (3) years. They were invited in to explore and vet the problem and further align the value to the account’s specific initiatives.


Shortly after deploying the Vendor’s Solution, the Healthcare Provider identified and reacted immediately to an employee attempting to run an automated password extraction routine. The Solution enabled immediate action, preventing all unauthorized access, boosting SLA’s to 99.997 and saving $845,000 in a potential loss of intellectual property.

The Vendor now calculates their delivered value on a quarterly basis for the client’s Business and IT decision makers, has closed a $265,000 first year SaaS deal, and gained access and a trusted relationship with the C-Suite.

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