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Revenue Accelerators announces expansion of its market first
Business Outcomes Sales Intelligence services

DURHAM, NC — (December 18, 2017) – Revenue AcceleratorsTM (, the innovator and leader in Business Outcome Sales Technology solutions & services for Vendors, announced today they are providing expanded support and updating services for their Patent Pending SPEEDSHEETS. Addressing the need for Vendor’s optimization of field effectiveness, sales messaging and personalized value propositions, SPEEDSHEETS will now be available with quarterly or semi-annual financial and strategic updates. This will help keep the flow of new and high-performing sales opportunities having the most recent 10K and 10Q data of their target account’s initiatives and goals.

“Target accounts are dynamic entities and can have their finances and initiatives impacted in the short-run by M&A activity, global disruption, new competitive pressures, etc. We now ensure using SPEEDSHEETS they will be as effective from the day they were produced, with quarterly, and if needed, with on-demand support”, said Edward Golod, CEO & Founder of Revenue Accelerators.

Revenue Accelerators believes sales teams struggle due to lack of time and financial acumen, to effectively update their account plans, sales process, outbound messaging and sales visits with the most recent strategic initiatives updates of any target account via the 10K & 10Q. This relevancy is critical when selling technology, software, services and complex solutions to the Fortune 2,000. Even large Enterprise with Value Management Offices (VMOs) can only accommodate ten percent of their sales forces carrying the largest, most strategic deals. That leaves a gap of ninety-percent of the sales force needing help with executive-based access and financial engagement to close deals.

“When goals or initiatives shift, so should a vendor’s claims of measurable business outcomes; especially when getting meetings and selling to decision makers.” Edward Golod, Head of Sales, Revenue Accelerators

About Revenue Accelerators:

Since 2004, we’ve worked with companies to uncover, align and monetize the value of their products and services for target accounts and develop compelling, consultative financial selling stories targeted to decision makers. Our team of C-Suite leaders, advanced Financial analysts, and Sales, Marketing & IT experts has +30 years’ experience in multiple industries, including Financial Services, Tech, Healthcare and Manufacturing and a proven record in developing sales strategies & tactics, realizing $385M in closed vendor deals and $11.7B in identified vendor value.

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