How it Works

How it Works2018-08-10T18:33:20+00:00

SPEEDSHEETS – Sell New Logos faster 

   —  It’s not a research tool, it’s a service to help sales get meetings with executive, financial and technology decision makers.  

   —  Sales or Marketing cannot build them. They require financial acumen, value engineering & corporate 10-K analytics.

   —   It’s super easy and reps use them in 24 hours. LDRs, Inside Sales & ABM use executive messaging from them too! 

   —  Fills the missing “value messaging” gap left behind by Challenger™ Sale, ValueSelling™, Richardson™, Miller Heiman™, Social Selling™ plus all sales and account research tools.

Understand Quick Starts

STEP 1 – Determine Your Business Outcomes


  • Your stakeholders, reasons to buy, and desired business value are analyzed
  • Your solutions & use cases turned into quantifiable business outcomes in the language of senior executives
  • Business outcomes are validated using high-profile industry benchmarks and proprietary algorithms.

STEP 2 – Align Value To Account Initiaives


  • Your accounts analyzed for corporate & strategic “initiatives”
  • The initiatives are aligned to your determined business outcomes value
  • Sales & Markteing use executive messaging for more meetings and opportunities

STEP 3 –  Get Executive & C-Suite Meetings


  • STEP 1 & STEP 2 combined delivers business outcome narratives
  • YOUR REPS open new accounts, get to executives & decision maker, create 18% more opportunties
  • Includes value workshop + executive & social media messaging + sales & ABM support


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