How it Works

How it Works 2018-05-21T23:06:40+00:00

SPEEDSHEETS give B2B sales teams the numbers and the narratives to drive value-focused C-Suite conversations.   

Get Your Reps in the Door with Messaging That Makes Instant Sense.  

Reps must be well-prepared before they reach out to target accounts. They need to have financial fluency, differentiate your brand, and deliver insight that resonates with Sr. business executives.

Reps researching to uncover what motivates decision makers is tedious & expensive. And even when they have the information, what do they do with it? Do they have a fully prepared process to turn financial data into compelling value narratives? 

Our team takes this effort off your plate, so your team can focus on SELLING. Here’s how our process works:

STEP 1 – Define Your Value and Differentiators


  • Your stakeholders, urgency to buy & desired value are expored
  • Your use cases are turned into differentiated business value
  • Then use cases financially correlated to each account’s C-Suite

STEP 2 – Align This Value to Each Account


  • Each account’s 10-K, earnings call, strategic initiatives analyzed
  • Your use cases financially & strategically aligned to findings
  • Sales deliver 1:1 value messaging & narratives to C-Suite

STEP 3 – Sell Your Value Narratives to the C-Suite


  • Your reps send personalized business value narratives to C-Suite
  • Get callbacks, first & second meetings with decision makers
  • Produce new opportunties for new & existing target accounts

See an example of our SPEEDSHEETS here.


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