SPEEDSHEETS Break Into Strategic Accounts Faster

SPEEDSHEETS Break Into Strategic Accounts Faster2019-01-16T11:18:37+00:00

ONLY Sales Engagement framework to break into strategic accounts 3X faster

Need to sell into 10 – 100 Enterprise accounts? Use our Value as a Service

Selling into 100 – 1,000’s of accounts? Use our self-service Business Value Framework™

STEP 1 – Determine business value overnight


  • Your solutions, reasons to buy, stakeholders, and executive buyers are financially anayzed
  • Value determined, validated, & benchmarked with CPAs using analytics with propietary algorithms
  • Value transfomed into “use cases” that align and resonate with Sr. Executives to C-Suite

Includes ROI, NPV, Decision Delay & Value dashboard.

STEP 2 – Use Cases aligned Public & Private accounts


  • Accounts analyzed with 10-K, corporate initiatives, strategic priorities, & Buyer funding
  • Includes custom messaging to access and engage VPs to the C-Suite. Used by sales, LDRs & marketing

STEP 3 –  Quickly Get Coveted Executive Meetings


  • Step 1 & 2 combined produces per account (1:1) or industry specific (1:many) “business value narratives”
  • Print and FedEx narratives getting access and engagement with Sr. executives, decision makers, & C-Suite
  • Includes personalized cover letter and messaging for account stakeholders and executive buyers

Open doors, run discoveries, create opportunities with account-specific business value!

SPEEDSHEET Examples and Markets Served

SPEEDSHEETS are globally compliant with accounting and financial standards with U.S., EMEA & Canadien comapnies. You get C-Suite to VP engagement regardless of country, industry or any solution or product you sell.

CPG    Retailers    Technology  —  Manufacturing   Financial Services    Healthcare    Media & Entertainment — Security

eCommerce  —  Telecom   Consumer  —  Media & Entertainment    IT Technologies    Transportation


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