SPEEDSHEETS Break New Accounts

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Our clients sell the Global 2000 using LDR/BDRs with Account Executives but struggle for more access and engagement at VP+ levels.

They use Solution Selling, Challenger Sale…ZoomInfo and RainKing…. but struggle for months to break into large $B+ accounts.

Now they get more top of the funnel opportunities having… 3.5x more VP+ meetings, 2.5x more opportunities, and guaranteed ROI.

STEP 1 – We Determine Your Business Value


  • Our Value Workshops quickly transform your solutions into “business value” Use Cases
  • Your Use Cases are financially validated using industry benchmarks & analytics
  • You get unique & differentiated value propositions and executive messages that open Enterprise doors

STEP 2 – We Align Your Value To Accounts


  • Target accounts analyzed for 10-K “strategic initiatives” & CEO priorities
  • Each 10-K is financially aligned with the vendor’s “business value” Use Cases
  • Delivers meetings with custom, executive to C-Suite messaging for LDR/SDR/AE/Marketing (ABM)

STEP 3 –  You Get 35% More Sales Opportunties


  • STEP 1 & STEP 2 combined for only “account-specific” value narratives
  • Sales & Marketing deliver to top executives who engage and sponsor VP+ meetings
  • Includes custom value messaging and content for 350% more executive access and 250% more opportunties

SPEEDSHEET Examples and Markets Served

SPEEDSHEETS get access to all public companies executives from a VP, SVP, EVP, Managing Director, up to the C-Suite. They produce instant responses using an analysis of the executive’s strategic initiatives & CEO objectives in their preferred language – finance!

Aligning the vendor’s business value to the initiatives, they become the perfect door opener across any vertical or global market.

CPG    Retailers    Technology  —  Manufacturing   Financial Services    Healthcare    Media & Entertainment — Security

eCommerce  —  Telecom   Consumer  —  Media & Entertainment    IT Technologies    Transportation


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