SPEED SHEETS™ accelerate Business Outcome sales.

“37% of respondents struggle to demonstrate pays-off for sales tech investment…. sales tech vendors need to demonstrate ROI”.
–SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG

Value selling produces strong, proven dividends, but is costly, disruptive, and requires change agents for quantifiable results. SPEED SHEETSTM change this overnight. By defining your Company’s solution’s financial value, then aligning it to each Account’s corporate financial objectives and initiatives, your Sales channels produce executive value conversations resonating up to the C-suite value. Adopted in days vs. weeks or months, you:

  • Increase pipeline performance and velocity 22% in 90 days substantiating forecasts.

  • Rapidly advance consultative, value-selling transformation removing 90% of the roadblocks.

  • Improve Sales overnight with 95% adoption selling decision makers and C-Suite.


SPEED SHEETSTM drive rapid Change management when improving sales pipeline effectiveness and velocity are a priority. It does not disrupt production, is welcomed by Marketing, and does not require Sales Ops involvement. SPEED SHEETSTM transform Sales from “Product to Business outcome” based, for greater access and engagement with decision makers.


1. Accelerate high-velocity pipeline builds = self-fund.
2. Increase sales forecasting accuracy validating pipelines = using financial value.
3. Improve sales funnel leakage selling = to decision makers.
4. Escalate Marketing’s ability to deliver sales = via convertible executive leads.
5. Outflank competitors converting Sales teams = to C-suite qualified sales teams.

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