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Enterprise IT evaluations and purchasing driven by senior executives require strategic business outcomes and predictable value delivery. Conversations with decision makers start with the numbers and the impact on their corporate goals & initiatives. These numbers are especially meaningful when driving economic value from buying CLOUD solutions.

GARTNER (CEB, summer 2016) surveyed 28 CTO’s, finding over 50% stating Cloud costs were more expensive than on-prem and just under half maintain that they are cheaper, if not equal. No one can make an easy decision based on those insights. CLOUD SPEEDSHEETS built with our advanced IT technology, and value experts prove your solution’s financial and strategic differentiation, positioning your win as a trusted, neutral partner.

  • Sell beyond acquisition, with operational & indirect costs.
  • Easily align IT financially to business initiatives.
  • Detail cash preservation, OPEX & faster time to market.

Buyers need to understand the financial impact your Cloud offering brings by increasing cost savings, scalability, and accessibility—before migration. They need to internally justify their project’s spend in helping the business with improved innovation, productivity, agility, scalability, and profitability. The CLOUD SPEEDSHEET specializes in monetizing how your Cloud offering delivers value here, giving you a significant, competitive advantage by gaining access and aligning to your account decision makers and C-Suite to win business.