Financial Justification

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Enterprise Information Technology or any Product or Service evaluations and purchasing require internal justifications and ROI for funding release. This burden typically falls onto the buying committee demanding their time and financial acumen. It’s rare when Vendors supply their projected Business outcomes, further burdening the due diligence on the internal buying team or individuals.

Here’s where SPEEDSHEETS come in. They help Corporate buyers and executives evaluate Vendor Products & Solutions from a Business Outcome and value delivery basis for a truer picture of the financial benefits, risks and fit you will receive with their proposed solutions. They help transform Vendor conversations beyond products and features to realized value.

“7% of Providers are focused on Value vs. Product” ¹ and “95% of prospects need to understand your Value” 2
1The Economist  2IDC

SPEEDSHEETS are the ONLY solution to discover and quantify a Vendors value, align it to your corporate goals and initiatives, and deliver a Buying Value hypothesis for lower risk decisions. You will be able to:

  • Measure which vendor delivers more value.
  • Negotiate better pricing based on Business Outcomes.
  • Easily and quickly present CFO-grade value analysis.