Breaking Into Public & Private Strategic Accounts

Breaking Into Public & Private Strategic Accounts2018-11-26T12:09:29+00:00

Whether Private “or” Public, the right strategic, financially aligned message sent to an SVP to C-Suite will open doors in hours or days:

Dear (C-Suite):


The attached value narrative reveals how you would be able to mitigate risk within your U.K. Enterprise division; which experienced pricing pressure due to heightened competition and EU regulations. To offset this erosion, our Business Case Validation use case can help substantiate a 16% improved quote accuracy rate within your field and inside sales teams. 


This sales improvement will contribute €18.6M in new top line and translate into a 13.5%  improvement in margin contribution; required to offset your pricing pressures. Your overall competitiveness will increase.


We can deliver this value to Vodafone’s specifically within your 2018 Enterprise Margin Optimization initiative.


May we arrange a brief call with Linda Johnson, to understand if there is a fit, and value for 2019?




John Smith

Director, EMEA Telco Practice

There are numerous financial performance metrics on both public and private companies. SPEEDSHEETS aggregate this data and deliver account-specific, C-Suite messaging that quickly opens doors at strategic accounts.

Our powerful software uses proprietary business value algorithms to ensure accurate financial analysis of all companies.

  • We analyze 27,300 SEC transactions.

  • Benchmarks and analytics ensure 95% accuracy.

  • We compare 150 metrics using 3-levels of SEC codes.

SPEEDSHEETS bring you unparalleled access and opportunities into understanding the financial impact your solutions deliver to strategic accounts!