Success Stories

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The following success stories illustrate how Revenue Accelerators helps vendors build more opportunities by accessing and selling decision-makers and C-Suite within new accounts.

Engaging CFOs in Financial Services Companies

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Getting to Decision Makers Financial Services Company TARGET ACCOUNT PAIN - A leading Financial Services organization, required to comply with growing internal auditing policies, was struggling with finding a way to cost-effectively and efficiently audit user database access to highly sensitive customer data; as well as to monitor privileged database user activities. ACTION - A Compliance Solution software [...]

Engaging CSOs in Healthcare Companies

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Getting to Decision Makers Healthcare Company TARGET ACCOUNT PAIN - A Healthcare Provider struggling to comply with security policies that were recently implemented in response to a theft of intellectual property; was looking for a way to identify, in real-time, any unauthorized attempts by insiders and contractors to access employee-sensitive and confidential data. ACTION - A Security Software company (SaaS) [...]

Selling CIO/CTOs in Travel Services Firms

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Getting to Decision Makers Travel Services Company TARGET ACCOUNT PAIN - A global Travel Services company, with growing M&A activity, acquired several new customer databases requiring integration and protection. With internal and external pressures from expanded social media programs, PCI standards and data relationship complexity, the internal auditing teams were facing increasing financial exposure in case of a [...]