Press Release Nov 1st, 2017 : SPEEDSHEETS most effective in increasing sales opportunities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                         NOVEMBER 1, 2017

Revenue Accelerators announces a U.S. Patent Pending for the only
Business Outcomes Sales Technology platform

DURHAM, NC — (November 1, 2017) – Revenue AcceleratorsTM (, the innovator and leader in Business Outcome Sales Technology solutions & services for Vendors, announced today they filed for a provisional U.S. patent relating to an inventive, A.I. driven business process and system designed to increase the acquisition of new sales opportunities. By first monetizing a vendor’s solution value, and then aligning it to account-specific 10K, financial goals and strategic initiatives it produces the market’s first, and only, account-specific, personalized business case that elevates access and engagement with account-specific decision makers. This will be the markets first rapid production of new, high-performing sale opportunities and pipelines at affordable costs for any start-up, small to medium size and Enterprise vendor.

“Helping sales, field effectiveness, product marketing and demand-generation professionals acquire the skills and content to communicate financial business outcomes to decision-makers, to accelerate new sales opportunity and revenues, in a fast, cost-effective manner is what the market has needed for a very long time,” said Edward Golod, Head of Sales of Revenue Accelerators.

With a proliferation of vendors selling re-packaged public domain and social media information about public companies, Revenue Accelerators has changed the selling dynamic providing the only process that quickly helps vendors determine how their solutions impact a target account’s bottom line, align that into the accounts financial initiatives and goals to drive meaningful and value enriched executive interaction and engagement with the people that can buy.

“The days of sales rep spending 30-35% of their time on research, struggling with financial reports and analysis, and then sending out generic emails or worse, presentations, to meet with senior executives are over”, said Edward Golod.

Revenue Accelerators believes its process and technology will rapidly transform vendors into the definitive breed of executive, consultative sellers. The market is poised for accelerated adoption, as evidenced by a McKinsey & Company 2015 Sales Executive survey of 1,000 large corporate buyers across diverse industries. It states that “companies are 25% more likely to be the primary suppliers for a vendor’s large accounts and deliver 10% more margin if the vendor sells on value. Only 14% of sales executives believe their reps are effective here and can shift the discussion from price to engage business leaders who care about the overall P&L.”

About Revenue Accelerators:

Since 2004, we’ve worked with companies to uncover, align and monetize the value of their products and services for specific target accounts and develop compelling, consultative financial selling stories targeted to decision makers. Our team of C-Suite leaders, advanced Financial analysts, and Sales, Marketing & IT experts has +30 years’ experience in multiple industries, including Financial Services, Tech, Healthcare and Manufacturing and a proven record in developing sales strategies & tactics, realizing $385M in closed vendor deals and $11.7B in identified vendor value.

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