18% > executive access
15% more pipeline
3X selling value
COO, EVP, SVP engaged

If you are considering ABM or elevating your sales team into executive-based selling, Revenue Accelerators should be your first call

Daniel Kube, CEO

servicePath, a Toronto-based company, provides a configure, price and quote (CPQ) platform that is specifically designed to make complex quotes simple. Quotes that used to take days and involve multiple departments can be done in less than an hour while adhering to critical margin requirements.


The company is a booming startup in a widening market selling to enterprises in the Fortune 500 and the Global 2000. Their solution is ideally suited for technology companies with complex sales and quoting process. Faced with the complexity of engaging these accounts and with a small sales and marketing team, servicePath turned to Revenue Accelerators to open doors and increase engagement at the executive level.


In 2018, servicePath’s sales team realized that their traditional demand gen program and Challenger Sales model were not as effective at cutting through the competitive noise as they had been in prior years. This created the impetus to build a complementary strategy which would maintain their aggressive growth as they moved to further scale the business.

Sales had been producing leads in parallel with Marketing, which now included Account-based Marketing (ABM). They recently added Sales Development Reps (SDRs), however, the three teams were not focusing on selling with executive business value messaging, which needed to include financial business outcomes.


Dan Kube, the CEO, had all three teams collaborate in their first business outcomes workshop. Working with Revenue Accelerators, they were able to select a large Telecommunications leader in Europe, a target strategic account where they needed to get into the Enterprise group. From the workshop, they were able to define the stakeholders, their reasons to buy, the desired business outcomes that would expect, and most importantly, determine the business value that servicePath could deliver to these stakeholders.

Industry benchmarks and proprietary algorithms were applied to validate servicePath’s business value. Then, the 10-K analysis of the account, a public company, was performed by Revenue Accelerators to reveal the corporate and strategic initiatives. Combining this data with workshop results enabled the delivery of a C-Suite grade SPEEDSHEET which was overnighted directly to each of the key stakeholders.


“We moved as a company from traditional sales and demand gen to a metrics-driven vendor literally overnight,” said Kube. “Now we sell on business outcomes and the best part is that they are aligned with each of our strategic account’s corporate executives, priorities, P/L and funded initiatives.” “This was a paradigm shift for us”. 


Over several weeks, which included using the provided executive messaging and improved value propositions, sales were able to secure a meeting via the COO to his number one, the Group Head of the Enterprise Group. This led to introductions into the respective buying committee members and a qualified opportunity.

servicePath is exactly the kind of company we love to work with,” said Edward Golod, CEO and Founder of Revenue Accelerators. “They are entrepreneurial, they are fast moving and they are focused on customer success. Having worked for Callidus, I know their space well and I can tell you that their platform is a much better fit for complex sales cycles. It is easy to use and has all the features you need. I’m excited that our two companies are working together on accelerating their sales.”