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“Companies personalizing communications to buyers reduce acquisition costs up to 50% and increase efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%” (McKinsey & Company)

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Remove Friction Between Marketing & Sales = Deliver Results!

In theory, Marketing should always be driving strategic business growth. But that’s a big ask when you’re faced with the realities of today’s complex B2B marketing landscape.

Plus, amid all the resources and data choices, where do the personalized strategic account insights come from, so the field opens more new logos?

  • Trends in automation, segmentation, social listening & dynamic content ty up your teams just trying to keep up with “best practices”.

  • In-depth persona-based marketing is great but is obscenely expensive and not happening.

  • Sales are never satisfied with their leads, and dissatisfaction always points to Marketing.

  • NOW – CMOs learning about SPEEDSHEETS can’t believe they solve this AND their leads challenge…simply!

Get Ready To Make Your Mark

Wouldn’t it be great to have a plan of action at the next QBR that cuts through the vendor noise? Or solving the leads pipeline problem where it gets bogged down—closing the MQL to SAL gap? What if your marketing messages were really powerful enough to get C-suite attention?

Explore how it works here – It’s easier than you think, requires no software, complex strategy, additional resources or a long wait to gauge outcomes.

SPEEDSHEETS – the New Hyper-Targeted Marketing “Service”

You already understand the “big picture” of targeting buyer personas. Now, can gain fast access to what matters to C-suite and decision makers within individual organizations. Our clients leverage these critical insights to deliver customized value narratives & propositions that drive REAL ACTION & RESULTS.

Your Marketing team or B2B Digital Agencies can use this for email nurturing, ABM, post-webinars, VIP dinners, roundtables — and deliver executive-based sales leads.

Request your consultation today. Get the right set of SPEEDSHEETS custom-designed to accelerate your marketing initiatives.


What Marketers are saying…

“Revenue accelerators enables us to use coveted value engineering principals for accelerating demand activation initiatives and empowering our sales team to have client discussions around the “metrics that matter” much earlier in the sales cycle.”
     – John Seaner, CMO, 1010data

“Buying technology for enterprises & suppliers alike is incredibly inefficient, draining precious time & resources, Revenue Accelerator’s unique approach identifying & aligning mutual business is powerful, tackling this frustrating problem.”
     – Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate, former publisher InformationWeek

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