“Companies that personalize communications to buyers can reduce acquisition costs up to 50% and increase efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%” (McKinsey & Company)

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Problems We Solve

The majority of B2B buyers don’t trust branded content. The result is under-performing lead nurture campaigns, slow-to-score MQLs, and low MQL-to-SAL conversions. In short, the sales pipeline suffers.

Until now.

SPEEDSHEETS™  is an automated platform that equips marketers to increase engagement and accelerate lead scoring with coveted Sr. executives. They financially quantify your “value propositions, use cases, campaign & sales messaging.” Each SPEEDSHEET delivers powerful, personalized financial business case narratives aligned with EACH account’s initiatives & 10K and are seamless with all ABM stacks.

Instead of creating “fluffy” content, marketers can deliver attention-grabbing, hard-hitting financial proof of their solutions value at the critical front end of the sales cycle and bottom-of-funnel campaign stagesto engage decision makers and accelerate their lead pipeline.

Marketing Benefits:

  • Replace generic value proposition narratives with financial proof points and uniquely align your solutions to target account goals & initiatives.

  • Perfect for engaging high-value executive decision makers in the following channels: email nurture campaigns, post-webinar follow-up, VIP dinner/roundtable events, and more.

  • Perfect for supporting cross-selling to customers and customer success playbooks.

  • A core component of any sales enablement playbook.

What Marketers are saying…

“Revenue accelerators enables us to use coveted value engineering principals for accelerating demand activation initiatives and empowering our sales team to have client discussions around the “metrics that matter” much earlier in the sales cycle.”
     – John Seaner, CMO, 1010data

“Buying technology for enterprises & suppliers alike is incredibly inefficient, draining precious time & resources, Revenue Accelerator’s unique approach identifying & aligning mutual business is powerful, tackling this frustrating problem.”
     – Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate, former publisher InformationWeek

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