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“Of 500+ executives surveyed who make solutions purchase decisions, the top 10 resources leveraged, interacting with Vendor salespeople was 9th, and 50.3% need major Value Messaging redesign”  (CSO Insights, 2018 Buyer/Seller Disconnect Conundrum)

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SALES – Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Sr. Executive Meetings

Build more opportunities with new accounts. Upsell new business units quicker. Hit non-stop quarterly targets. Improve Account Plans & QBRs. The goals for your team aren’t complicated – but they seem ever-challenging to achieve.

Plus it’s not hard to understand why Sr. executives to C-Suite don’t want to talk to sales reps. Until now. Revenue Accelerators’s service “closes the executive messaging & business value gap” so reps can get to new decision makers, financial buyers and the C-Suite by selling from the top.

With our expertly designed custom value narratives, your company can:

  • Avoid reps not prospecting helping them grab attention in the first outreach.

  • Have reps easily articulate your business value in the context of real customer environments.

  • Have reps use personalized Sr. decision makers & C-Suite messaging for more meetings.

  • Prevent reps from procrastinating “top-down selling” and build more new opportunities.

  • Improve new logo & account penetration with SAM, NAM, GAM and named account teams.

Your sales team can do ALL OF THIS with a single, simple service. No more tedious account research and prep that bogs down even high-performing sales teams. With SPEEDSHEETS, your reps are ALWAYS prepared to have the RIGHT conversation with the RIGHT executive without buying new software.

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SPEEDSHEETS helps organizations overcome the top sales challenges to revenue growth:

Demonstrating ValueSource: Forrester, 2017
Reaching Decision MakersSource: SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG
Meeting PreparationSource: Forbes, June 2017
Management Buy-InSource: Hubspot, 2017

How Does Your Sales Enablement Improve?

SPEEDSHEETS are used on the front lines, but they deliver plenty of value behind the scenes as well. Experience how we can help you:

  • Reduce the churn rate for your sales force from poor new opportunity production.

  • Quickly increase rep ramp productivity to gain their full potential.

  • Decrease rep research time by 70% while improving their financial acumen and communications by 500%.

  • Enable new reps to experienced closers to see how top-down prospecting drives more pipe.

Supercharge Your Best, Enable the Rest

With our SPEEDSHEETS service, you don’t have to hear excuses from reps about why they underperform. You don’t have to wait for Marketing to fix the leads situation. You don’t have to keep buying software or other intelligence stuff to throw at the problem. You don’t have to miss your revenue targets.

Our value narratives are customized to promote a bi-directional exchange of value between vendors and their prospects.

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What Sales leadership is saying…

“Building C-Suite trust & articulating alignment of your solutions’ value to financial problems is key. Revenue Accelerators, the first to do this, helps sales reps sell financially & improve pipelines.”

     – Paul Teshima, Co-Founder & CEO, Nudge, VP/SVP Prod. Mgmt., Oracle, Eloqua

“Too many companies today expect 25-year-old sales reps
to bring valuable insights to 50-year-old CxOs. Asking the prospect “what are your key initiatives this year?” is a time-wasting fishing expedition. Revenue Accelerators helps sales reps secure callbacks and meetings with executive decision makers by identifying executive initiatives, aligning the sales rep’s products to those initiatives, and quantifying the financial outcomes those products can deliver.”

     – Jeff Ernst, Co-Founder & CEO, SlapFive

“Revenue Accelerators platform is the best that I’ve seen in my 40 years sales training & authoring career that provides sales with financial intelligence and acumen to build Equal Business Stature with any C-Suite Executive, including the CEO!”

     – Anthony Parinello, Creator of Selling VITO, WSJ Best-Selling Author

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