SPEEDSHEETS: Faster Sales Results for Sales & Enablement Executives

SPEEDSHEETS: Faster Sales Results for Sales & Enablement Executives2018-12-07T12:54:35+00:00

“500+ executives having purchase decisions, of top 10 resources, interacting with sales was 9th & 50.3% need major value messaging redesign” (CSO Insights, 2018, Buyer/Seller Disconnect)

SALES – Fill Your Pipeline With Sr. Executive Opportunities

Build more opportunities with new accounts. Upsell new business units quicker. Hit non-stop quarterly targets. Improve Account Plans & QBRs. The goals for your team aren’t complicated – but they seem ever-challenging to achieve.

It’s not hard to understand why Sr. executives to C-Suite don’t want to talk to sales reps. Until now. Revenue Accelerators’s service “closes the executive business value gap” getting reps to new decision makers, financial buyers & C-Suite. Seamlessly improves EVERY Sales Training system.

With our expertly designed custom value narratives, your company can:

  • Improve SAM, NAM, or GAM ability to open new opportunities by 20%

  • Avoid 75% of reps fear in articulating business value to Sr. executives

  • Prevent 70% of Reps selling to the middle with long cycles

  • GUARANTEED 30% meeting and Access rate in Strategic Accounts

  • Fits EVERY SALES TRAINING program. NO software, NO integration, NO learning curve.

This is a fundamental shift for most companies and made especially for innovative sales teams. As a service, it requires no software or integration and eliminates costly account research especially with reps lacking financial literacy.

With SPEEDSHEETS, reps have uniquely personalized, executive messaging and value dialogs that differentiate, and help start conversations to get meetings and opportunities with coveted decision makers.

They fill the “business value messaging gap” left behind by ZoomInfo, Discover.org, Challenger Sale, Solution Selling and ALL Sales Intelligence and Sales technology companies.

Find out how it works

SPEEDSHEETS helps organizations overcome the top sales challenges to revenue growth:

Demonstrating ValueSource: Forrester, 2017
Reaching Decision MakersSource: SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG
Meeting PreparationSource: Forbes, June 2017
Management Buy-InSource: Hubspot, 2017

Sales Enablement – How Does This Improve Sales Performance?

SPEEDSHEETS are used on the front lines, but they deliver plenty of value behind the scenes as well. Experience how we can help you:

  • Reduce sales rep churn rates by 15% due to poor new opportunity production.

  • Increase rep ramp productivity by 20% with per-account value analysis.

  • Decrease rep research time by 70% while improving business & financial acumen by 500%.

  • Enable new reps to transition to “business outcome sellers” literally overnight.

Supercharge Your Best, Enable the Rest

With our service, you don’t have to hear sales excuses about why they underperform. You don’t have to wait for Marketing to fix the leads situation. You don’t have to keep buying software or other intelligence stuff to throw at the problem. You don’t have to miss your revenue targets.

Our custom value narratives will help you make the shift to “business outcome selling” easily and have it guaranteed to pay for itself.

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What Sales leadership is saying…

“Building C-Suite trust & articulating alignment of your solutions’ value to financial problems is critical. Revenue Accelerators is the first to do this helping sales teams strategically sell from the top to improve convertible pipelines.”

     – Paul Teshima, Co-Founder & CEO, Nudge, VP/SVP Prod. Mgmt., Oracle, Eloqua

“We targeted 4 accounts and so far have used the program to get executive access at 3 of them! We are engaged with the WW SVP of Sales at a multi-billion dollar customer account that we never strategically penetrated. Additionally, we opened a dialog with a Company Officer of another account where previously were relegated to the operating companies. That’s impressive!”
     – Mike Muhlfelder, Vice President of Sales, NA, Jitterbit

“Revenue Accelerators platform is the best that I’ve seen in my 40 years sales training & authoring career that provides sales with financial intelligence and acumen to build Equal Business Stature with any C-Suite Executive, including the CEO!”

     – Anthony Parinello, Creator of Selling To VITO, WSJ Best-Selling Author

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