“With 500+ executives surveyed who make solutions purchase decisions, of the top 10 resources leveraged, interacting with Vendor salespeople rank 9th, and 50.3% needmajor Value Messaging redesign”(2018 Buyer/Seller Disconnect Conundrum, CSO Insights)

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Problems We Solve

Executive decision-makers don’t trust that sales reps understand their business or canhelp them solve a priority problem. What’s more, most salespeople don’t know how to conveythey can and speak it in the language of the C-Suite leading with financial outcomes.

Until now.

SPEEDSHEETS™  is an automated platform that equips reps to have relevant discussions with coveted executive decision makers at “the front of the sales cycle”. It creates personalized financial business case narratives that reps can deliver in less 5 minutes. Our Sales Message Center delivers wording and messaging for outreach and follow-up emails ensuring initial meetings and callbacks.

Instead of leading with another ineffective product-centric sales presentation, reps can quickly “cut to the chase” by leading with financial business outcome narratives that engage CEOs, CFO’s and line of business leaders. What’s more, everything’s personalized to each account’s 10K!

Sales Benefits:

  • Reps leading with value-based conversations increases 80%.

  • Call back rates increase 35%.

  • Second meetings improve 20%.

  • The line of business and C-Suite opportunities increase 15%.

What Sales leadership is saying…

“Building C-Suite trust & articulating alignment of your solutions’ value to financial problems is key. Revenue Accelerators, the first to do this, helps sales reps sell financially & improve pipelines.”

     – Paul Teshima, Co-Founder & CEO, Nudge, VP/SVP Prod. Mgmt., Oracle, Eloqua

“Too many companies today expect 25-year-old sales reps
to bring valuable insights to 50-year-old CxOs. Asking the prospect “what are your key initiatives this year?” is a time-wasting fishing expedition. Revenue Accelerators helps sales reps secure callbacks and meetings with executive decision makers by identifying executive initiatives, aligning the sales rep’s products to those initiatives, and quantifying the financial outcomes those products can deliver.”

     – Jeff Ernst, Co-Founder & CEO, SlapFive

“Revenue Accelerators platform is the best that I’ve seen in my 40 years sales training & authoring career that provides sales with financial intelligence and acumen to build Equal Business Stature with any C-Suite Executive, including the CEO!”

     – Anthony Parinello, Creator of Selling VITO, WSJ Best-Selling Author

SPEEDSHEETS™ helps organizations overcome the top sales challenges to revenue growth:

Demonstrating Value

Source: Forrester, 2017

Reaching Decision Makers

Source: SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG

Meeting Preparation

Source: Forbes, June 2017

Management Buy-In

Source: Hubspot, 2017

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