SPEED SHEETS™ deliver 1:1 executive messaging.

“Sales professionals have many obstacles…. finding quality leads (63%)… getting in touch with Decision Makers (49%) are the biggest”.
-SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG

ONE: ONE ABM is possible with SPEED SHEETS. It is the ONLY solution globally delivering improved target executive MQL to SAL production by messaging a vendor’s financial value as a solution for target accounts goals, initiatives, and gaps.  SPEED SHEETS support One: One Tier 1 campaigning, One: Few for Tier 2, and for larger segments One: Many. Messaging supports diverse industries, executive titles and the most robust, consultataive marketing available.

USE IN ONE DAY vs. weeks or months having:

  • Automated & personalized target account and executive “value” messaging.

  • Score the effectiveness of the vendor value into each target account.

  • Determine which of your top 50, 100 or 200 accounts are best aligned to your value.


Marketers use SPEED SHEETSTM to rapidly improve ABM success metrics using Target Account specific, consultative value messaging produced by our ABM Control Center. It supports 1:1 Campaign, executive email, and decision maker value-based messaging for more conversations and opportunities.


1. Prove campaign ROI = MQL-SQL acceleration with high-profile decision makers.
2. Accelerate Marketing – Sales alignment = united on “one version of value” truth.
3. Stronger leads = value aligned to Target Account initiatives.
4. Differentiating your targeted executive segments = personalized P&L impact.
5. Improve nurturing with relevant executive messaging = for top-of-funnel contacts.

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