Competing in today’s crowded global market is tough and reaching decision makers in the information age is even more difficult — you need to play hard ball.   You need to demonstrate value and speak the language of the decision maker and be prepared to prove value on the balance sheet — SPEED SHEETS™ helps you do just that.   SPEED SHEETS solution to target prospect value analysis & personalized value messaging improves & aligns sales & marketing efforts — for sales teams and digital marketing.

Overcome these top Sales Challenges with Speed Sheets™

Top 4 Sales Challenges

Percentage of respondents

Demonstrating Value / ROI
Reaching Decision Makers
Meeting Preparation
Management Buy-In

Proving value / ROI & reaching decision makers are the top struggles of sales & marketing today.  See citations below.

Reaching Decision Makers / C-Suite
“With buyers being bombarded with information from so many channels, sales professionals have many obstacles to overcome…. Finding quality leads (63%)… getting in touch with decision makers (49%) are the biggest sales challenges…
– SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG

Demonstrating Value / ROI (Prospect and Internal)
“37% of respondents are struggling to demonstrate the pay-off for sales tech investments with another 35% “claiming they are not at all successful…sales tech vendors need to improve the outcome capabilities of their solutions to demonstrate ROI”.
– SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG

Meeting Preparation, Improved Sales Process
“Nearly 57% of B2B prospects and customers feel that their sales teams are not prepared for the first meeting”.
– (IDC via HubSpot)

Management Buy-in, Sales Process Improvement
“The biggest obstacle to sales technology success is lack of management buy-in, with 44% of respondents citing this as their number one challenge…sales leaders and technology vendors need to find ways to clearly demonstrate ROI”?
– SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG

Improve Quality Leads
Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.
– Aberdeen Group via HubSpot

Guide prospects through a coherent and deliberate buying process
57% of the buyer’s journey is completed before the buyer talks to sales.