SPEED SHEETSpp are the ONLY solution helping amass higher-performing leads at Decision-maker levels using 100% customized 1:1 financial value messaging

“Sales professionals have many obstacles…. finding quality leads (63%)… getting in touch with Decision Makers (49%) are the biggest”.
-SalesTech, 2017 Report, IDG

  • Gain powerful differentiation with Financial Value content and assets.

  • Quickly and easily increase Executive C-Suite 1:1 ABM personalization.

  • Accelerate new lead/customer quality aligning into individual Target Accounts.

Speed Sheetspp are the ONLY solution to quickly, easily, and with self-funding deliver marketing wins across your entire organization. They automatically align and unify Sales & Marketing by immediately providing greater lead production and quality from unique financial value and assets used on a 1:1 basis “per” Target Account.

Normally taking months and months internally, if it can get sponsored, and costing tens of thousands of dollars; value programs will NEVER align into each Target or Prospect account to boost new leads and opportunities and support an elevated ABM program.

Why now?

1. Quickly and easily produce new, higher-quality leads/customers.
2. Accelerate Marketing to Sales alignment centered on competitive value.
3. Superior leads within “change events” (mergers, earnings shortfalls, CEO initiatives…).
4. Differentiating your target executive segments with measurable P&L impact.
5. Improve nurturing with relevant executive messaging for top-of-funnel contacts.
6. Prove ROI on campaigns using Trusted Advisor messaging to decision makers.

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