SPEED SHEETSpp help break though the most pressing common sales challenges quickly and are guaranteed to be self-funded

“Nearly 57% of B2B prospects and customers feel their sales teams are not prepared for the first meeting”. – IDC

SPEED SHEETSpp are the ONLY solution delivering sales value across your entire organization; aligning Account Executives + Inside Sales + LDR’s + Channel Reps + Marketing (ABM) + Sales Enablement + Services organization around your unique financial, strategic value delivered into each Target Account and opportunity.

  • Gain a powerful differentiation to propel your sales teams into more opportunities.

  • Quickly sell your financial value that’s aligned to your target account initiatives.

  • Build trust to drive executive and C-Suite access and engagement.

Normally taking months and months internally, if it can get sponsored, and costing tens of thousands of dollars; it will NEVER align into each Target or Prospect account to boost new opportunities and generate overnight a more competitive sales process.

EMAIL PERFORMANCE: customers have access to SPEED SHEETSPP email templates by “title” of your Target executive for maximum impact. They help to easily deploy the multiple “value messaging points” throughout your SPEED SHEETPP for more meetings, engagements and deal velocity.

Why now?

1. Higher-performing sales process — right now.
2. Add new opportunities faster across “A, B & C” Reps.
3. Access and engage decision makers / C-Suite faster.
4. Sell Trusted Advisor capabilities right out of the gate.
5. Aggressively Improve Selling time (cut 70% of research).
6. Accelerate New Hire time to value and Account Planning.
7. Outflank your Competition.

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