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SPEEDSHEETS Drive Rapid Sales Adoption Using Business Value

SPEEDSHEETS – are a Sales Intelligence Cheat Sheet and the foundation for our Business Outcome Selling program.

Effective new account sales demand precision targeting with deep insights about the target company, its business goals, strategic objectives, organizational structure, and identifying the top executives and decision makers with the best ways to reach them.

Our Business Outcomes program helps your sales & marketing teams produce more by engaging prospective accounts using tailored messaging and content marketing that positions your solution’s value in line with the needs of prospective clients.

Business Outcome Workshops For Sales

For progressive Sales Development Reps (SDR) – Account executive teams needing more Enterprise opportunities. These transformational workshops produce first-of-a-kind strategic & financial buying insights with your stakeholders.

The analysis includes A) stakeholders reasons to buy B) expected desired business value and C) how your solutions drive “quantifiable” business outcomes.

All data and values validated using GAAP accounting, industry benchmarks, CPAs &  proprietary algorithms.

How   Web or premise – Within hours – Involves Sales, Marketing, Enablement.

Value  Improved Demand Gen – 20% more new meetings – 15% more opportunities – Unify AE – LDR – SDR – Marketing on business outcome selling.

Deliverables   Custom Business value messaging for AEs, SDRs, Marketing  (ABM) & Social Selling – Coverts companies overnight into value sellers – Includes Vendor’s custom Business Outcome analysis & one SPEEDSHEET.

Enterprise Accounts Value Insights

Sales, Demand Gen & Marketing create more meetings and opportunities faster within strategic accounts. These are account-specific value insights produced by analyzing corporate & strategic initiatives, 10-K & 10-Q, and external financial data.

Insights are aligned with your use cases “business outcomes” to deliver differentiated executive and C-Suite value dialogues.

Data validated using CPAs, MBAs & value engineers with proprietary algorithms and analytics; and translate all into simple account insights & messaging.

How   Available for 21,300 public U.S., EMEA & Canadian companies – Select from 1 to 100+ companies.

Value  Improved Demand Gen – 30% more new meetings – 20% more opportunities – Unify AE – LDR – SDR – Marketing on business outcome selling.

Deliverables   Custom value insights & messaging – Sales & Demand Gen outbound messaging & training – Align Sales & Marketing on value selling – TRAIN THE TRAINER – Includes Business Outcome analysis & one SPEEDSHEET.

Business Outcome Sales Training

Opening doors to Enterprise accounts happen at the executive level. Proving knowledge of their priorities and initiatives and how your business outcomes deliver value is critical to engagement. Your reps quickly make the shift from selling products to business outcomes to all stakeholders.

We equip your Sales Development Reps (SDR) – Account Execs with pre-built, easy-to-use custom messaging and rapid sales coaching to quickly engage executive buyers at every level and stage of the buying process. Does NOT require any financial acumen or different skills…we do the work &  coach them.

How   Serves LDRs, BDRs, Inside Sales, Named Account & Territory up to Strategic account reps.  

Value  Incremental improvement in net new meetings, opportunities, pipeline & revenue.  

Deliverables   Sell into any account’s strategic priorities   Includes per account messaging, emails, Inmails, best practices  – Reps sell to the business knowing their pains – TRAIN THE TRAINER included  –  Includes one account SPEEDSHEET.

Executive Value Messaging for Demand Gen

To uncover executive leads you must research their initiatives and how your business outcomes make a financial and strategic difference with their business. Interpreting this data requires financial acumen and expense.

We do the work for you analyzing each account’s corporate and strategic initiatives from their 10-K, 10-Q, and commercial sources. We help marketing to ADD executive messaging into their campaigns for greater MQLs to SALs.   This is account-specific and aligned to individual executive personas.

How   Account strategic insights available from 21,300 public U.S., EMEA & Canadian companies. 

Value  Incremental improvement in leads and engagement from highly-personalized segmentation and campaigns. 

Deliverables  Map your business value to accounts – Get personalized, executive to C-Suite insights  –  Improves multi-touch campaigns and omnichannel performance – ABM messaging inserts – Includes training and how to use your account’s SPEEDSHEET.