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Case Study: SlapFive (.com)

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SlapFive, a Boston-based company, provides the first Customer Voice Program that easily captures your customer’s voice and injects it into every marketing, sales, and service initiative to drive greater sales engagement, pipeline creation, and more predictable deal velocity and closure rates.

Case Study: servicePath (.co)

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servicePath, a Toronto-based company, provides a configure, price and quote (CPQ) platform that is specifically designed to make complex quotes simple. Quotes that used to take days and involve multiple departments can be done in less than an hour while adhering to critical margin requirements.

Case Study: 1010data (.com)

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1010Data, a New York software company, is the one the worlds foremost companies consider as their partner of choice for optimizing product portfolio health, mastering customer touchpoints, and digitally renovating operations.

Case Study: Selling to Financial Services

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A leading Financial Services company was required to comply with growing internal auditing policies. They were struggling with finding a way to cost-effectively and efficiently audit user database access to highly sensitive customer data; as well as to monitor privileged database user activities.

Consultative Selling: You’re Only at 10%, How to Get to 100% Overnight

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Competing in today’s crowded, global markets for a steady stream of high-quality sales opportunities is tough, and reaching decision makers burdened with information overload is even more difficult. Time is the new currency.

Business Outcome Sales: How it Produces 35% More Opportunities

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Enterprise executives and decision makers in your target accounts have complex problems and all the associated financial pains. They want more from you than your Vendor “solution”.

Consultative Selling: Improve Pipeline Velocity 15% Selling Sr. Business Execs

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When SAP© hired London-based Loudhouse, the research division of Octopus Group specializing in B2B “brand to sales” technology, to produce their “What’s the Future of Sales” study and paper, I was skeptical on whether there would be significant insight to help predict the future.