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The need for relationship mapping in complex sales

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We all know that B2B sales are getting tougher and one of the key reasons is the continuing growth of the number of people involved in the buying process. We’ve gone from focusing on a C Suite decision maker to engaging and understanding a prospect committee. They’re now referred to as the buyer team and are part of a consensus decision-making process.

Strategic Account Selling: 5 Ways To Produce More Opportunities

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In the world of strategic account selling the average tenure of sales leaders is between just 18 to 24 months. So, as a sales leader how do you differentiate yourself? The defining difference between those who succeed and those who get the early exit is their ability to drive more sales opportunities and strategy execution. Sales […]

6 Must Do’s To Get Decision Maker Meetings

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Nicholas Read’s book, “Selling to the C-Suite: What Every Executive Wants to Know About Successfully Selling to the Top is a great read. He states 84% of executives polled and interviewed claimed they would give access to meet with a Salesperson if they were recommended internally.

Press Release March 30, 2018: Automated Account-Based Persona Messaging

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Revenue AcceleratorsTM announces first automated Account-Based Persona messaging for more C-Suite engagement.

Fix Challenger Sales So Reps Can Actually Do It

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90%+ of all Sales Reps are unable to quantify their business outcomes, present it with financial acumen, and align it with the prospect’s P&L.

Press Release January 8, 2018 : High Performing Business Outcome Sales Effectiveness

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Revenue AcceleratorsTM, the innovator and leader in Business Outcome Sales Technology Intelligence solutions & services for vendors, announced today they are providing new, cost-effective bundles for their technology services.