150% increased deals
120% more pipeline
3X selling value
Multiple CMOs engaged

“If you want to scale your pipeline, compete against the big dogs, and change your culture by selling business value to decision makers, then call Revenue Accelerators. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be”

Jeff Ernst, President & C0-Founder

SlapFive, a Boston-based company, provides the first Customer Voice Program that easily captures your customer’s voice and injects it into every marketing, sales, and service initiative to drive greater sales engagement, pipeline creation, and more predictable deal velocity and closure rates.



The company is a fast-growing startup in a new and expansive market selling to enterprises in the Fortune 500 and the Global 2000. Faced with the complexity of engaging these accounts with scarce sales and marketing resources, and lengthy sales cycles, SlapFive turned to Revenue Accelerators to open doors and increase engagement faster.



In 2018, SlapFive’s sales efforts began to hit a plateau getting into greater numbers of Enterprise accounts, straining the dollars and efforts spent on traditional sales. Supported by their extensive C-Suite network, use of the Challenger Sale, and several sales intelligence and insights tools, they created an initiative to build a complementary strategy which would help maintain their aggressive growth schedule.

Sales had been the main driver of leads, along with Marketing, Webinars, and Events. They recently added Lead Development Rep support, however, the three teams were not focusing on selling with executive business value messaging, which was needed to open new Enterprise account dialogs.



Jeff Ernst, the CEO, and his teams agreed to participate in their first business outcomes workshop. Working with Revenue Accelerators, they were able to select a large, multi-billion dollar Telecommunications leader in New England, which was a target strategic account. From the workshop, they were able to define the stakeholders, their reasons to buy, the desired business outcomes that would expect, and most importantly, determine the business value that SlapFive would be able to deliver to these stakeholders.

Industry benchmarks and proprietary algorithms were applied to validate SlapFive’s business value. Then, the 10-K analysis of the account, a public company, was performed by Revenue Accelerators to reveal the corporate and strategic initiatives. Combining this data with workshop results enabled the delivery of a C-Suite grade SPEEDSHEET which was overnighted directly to each of the key stakeholders.



“I knew from my years as the Principal Analyst serving CMO’s while at Forrester Research, that we needed a more personalized, executive-based messaging and demand gen approach to get the access and conversations we needed” said Ernst. “Literally overnight, we transformed the company and our teams into CMO-grade business outcome sellers.” 



It only took a couple of weeks for SlapFive to begin overnighting their custom business outcome narratives to a host of C-Suite and senior executive targets. Sales included their improved value propositions and were able to secure a call with the CMO, who asked that they work with his SVP of Marketing to start the ball, leaving the door open to the CMO. This led to a qualified sales opportunity, access to the marketing team, and moved into a proposal stage.