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Business Outcomes as a Competitive Advantage

SPEEDSHEETS are specially formulated to help Vendors selling Cloud-based solutions to sell to the C-Suite and decision makers.

  • Meet more C-Suite makers with value tied to Cloud solutions. 
    • Increase opportunities differentiating your solution.
      • Accelerate deals aligned to C-Suite Cloud initiatives.
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      Financial Justifications to Buy from Vendors

      SPEEDSHEETS help Enterprise buyers evaluate and select vendors by validating their business and financial value.

      • Validate stated Vendor business value.
        • Minimize buying risk with Vendors.
          • Expedite executive support with CFO-grade financial proofs.
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          Vendor Revenue Recognition

          SPEEDSHEETS help Vendors prove their value with the most complaint accounting principles. We account for GAAP and Revenue Recognition.

          • Enterprise-hardened vendor business value propositions. 
            • Align your selling value with finance.
              • Confidently engage with CFO’s and C-Suite.
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              Sell to Private Companies C-Suite

              SPEEDSHEETS help Vendors demonstrate their unique business value aligned to private companies C-suite.

              • Build more opportunities with Sr. Executives and C-Suite. 
                • Accelerate opportunities using financial value selling.
                  • Close larger deals justifying your solutions value.
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