Selling Into Travel Services


A global Travel Services company, with growing M&A activity, acquired several new customer databases requiring integration and protection. With internal and external pressures from expanded social media programs, PCI standards, and data relationship complexity, the internal auditing teams were facing increasing financial exposure in case of a breach.


A B2C Data Integration firm needed a way to entice and engage with the C-Suite on this account to accelerate a new opportunity. By using SPEEDSHEETS PP they were able to instantly determine the “financial value” of their Solutions. Then using Account Executive outbound along with C-Suite grade messaging for their ABM campaigns, they obtained a call with the CIO, who introduced them to the EVP of Information Technology, leading to a WebEx and onsite where they presented a Value Hypothesis from the SPEEDSHEETPP delivering $43M in projected value from cost reductions.


This led to an RFP where the Vendor won supplementing their response with their new, customer-validated “Business Value”. The customer has now raised security levels to acceptable levels while accommodating their augmented social media and mobile B2C activity. Using the Vendor’s solution, the customer now delivers to its IT Leadership the ongoing financial value they receive from the solution.

The vendor closed an $875,000 2-year SaaS deal and is negotiating with Procurement on obtaining a central MSA for cross-selling opportunities.

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